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GUINEE-BISSAU/Conservation of Mangrove: The CCLME Project strenghtens local communities with AGR


As part of the Demo No5 Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem Project and under the supervision of Joãozinho Sá, National Coordinator in Guinea-Bissau, Wetlands International Africa conducted income-generating related activities with local populations during mid-March and mid April 2014. The objective is to work for the conservation of mangroves in Guinea-Bissau areas.

Hebergeur d'imageThe commissioning of a new rice hulling machine granted by Wetlands International Africa (WIA) in the village of Cubampor Felupe through CCLME project, the delivery of horticultural equipments in Campada village of Maria, the identification and delimitation of a other horticultural perimeter in the locality of Antotinha and a working visit to Sao Domingos, were the highlights of activities in recent days in Guinea-Bissau.

In the village of Cubampor Felupe,the designed stall by the communities for the sheller was visited and the official handing over ceremony of this machine was made in the presence of the village chief who introduced the management committee team WIA . Already operational, the management committee will have a quarterly monitoring mission from Wetlands International and IUCN Africa Senegal, who are  implementing the No5 Demo project in Guinea Bissau.

In the village of Antotinha, the national coordinator of WIA and members of the local association, proceeded to identify the chosen site for the development of horticultural activities. It is a vast area of nearly one hectare, requiring at least 4 wells to cover the irrigation needs. The beggining of cleaning work in this perimeter by women is effective. Women are supported by men in the community.

Under the monitoring component of horticulture activities conducted by the beneficiaries of the CCLME project, another mission was held in São Domingos and Maria Campada. At the end of the first consultations held in São Domingos, several decisions were taken with the Department of Natural Park Mangroves Cacheu (PNTC) to better organize field activities. Direct monitoring of the well construction activity will be done by PNTC which will transport construction materials to Campada Maria.

To support income-generating activities undertaken by the villagers of Maria Campada, the CCLME project awarded to the beneficiaries a lot of horticulture materials  following the meeting with the women's association in the presence of the Head of Village. It comprise 10 small hoes, watering cans full 10 watercans, 10 rakes, 10 large barrels, buckets 10, 10 machetes. Also to support the erection of the fence of the horticultural scope, CCLME project purchased and made available to women 7 rolls of wire. In the same vein, the project will support the construction of two wells. The contract and the payment of a specialist has been made, and the construction of these wells has started.

Hebergeur d'imageMrs. Fina Gomes, the president of the Association of Women in Campada Maria,  thanked the CCLME project, Wetlands International Africa and the institutions that support their activities. She stated that the project support will strengthen their determination to continue working in the field of recovery and conservation of mangroves. She also asked the representatives of WIA and CCLME to redirect efforts toward finding opportunities for marketing their garden produce.

With these achievements, WIA has attached a staff office to the association of women. The objective is to facilitate and assist in the monitoring of financial resources that will be generated under the IGA. The collaboration expected to last during and after the project.


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