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Chronic Crises Programme, Somali Region, Ethiopia: Food Security, Water Security and Disaster Risk Reduction


Wetlands International (Kenya Office) in April 2014 had a stakeholders’ consultation, field assessment and meetings in Addis Ababa and Somali Regional State, Ethiopia with a team of Ethiopia Red Cross Society, Netherlands Red Cross Society. The objective of the mission was to generate concrete information necessary for detailing the Chronic Crises programme proposal targeting three Ward as in the Somali Regional State: Jigjiga, Gursum and Tuliguled.

Hebergeur d'imageRe-Greening of Landscape for Recharging of Natural Water Sources and Improving Local Livelihoods

The programme is a partnership between Netherlands Red Cross, Wetlands International and Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre working on three thematic areas of water security, food security and disaster risk reduction for community stability. This provides an opportunity for replicating and up scaling an integrated approach for resilience; Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystems Management and Restoration.

Hebergeur d'imageThe stakeholder’s consultation and field assessment depicted Jigjiga, Gursum and Tuliguled Woredas as extremely vulnerable in multiple aspects such as food insecurity, water insecurity and chronic hazards such as drought and flash floods. The difficult climate, resource based, ethnic and political conflicts, land degradation and low community capacities for action are at the root cause of the community vulnerability and susceptibility. Therefore any initiative geared at long-term impact must address the root causes and be anchored on long-term investment (over 10 years) and sustainable landscape restoration and management for critical ecosystem goods and services such as water and soil for sustainability of locals pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihoods.

Hebergeur d'imageThe strategic EMR interventions envisaged are not to reinvent the wheel but to tap into resilience work experience under Partners for Resilience and learn from the programmes in Ethiopia.

The strategies proposed comprise Knowledge Generation and Applied Research and River Basin Planning (Fafan, Jerer and numerous unnamed Rivers and Tributaries), Community Mobilization and Self-Organization, Public EMR Education and Public Awareness, Training and Capacity Building, Incentive Based Habitat Restoration, Conservation Agriculture and 3R (Retention, Recharge and Reuse), Holistic Rangeland Management, Upstream-Lower stream Trans boundary Landscape Dialogues and Collaboration, Stakeholders Partnerships and Alliance Building, Appropriate and Green Technologies

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