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Kenya/With the support of Wetlands International: The integrated management plan for Lake Naivasha finally launched


The Integrated Management Plan for Lake Naivasha has been recently launched. This was at a colorful ceremony at the Training Institute of Wildlife Kenya Naivasha. The document was made possible through the support of Wetlands International.

Upload imagesLake Naivasha (90 km North West of Nairobi) now has its integrated management plan. The process of the preparation of the plan began in 2010 with the signing of a contract between the Training Institute Kenya Wildlife and Wetlands International. Funding from Wetlands International was made available through the Wetlands and Livelihoods Program. Additional stakeholders like WWF and RECONCILE then came on board. The total development cost of the plan is estimated at 5 million shillings (46,296 euro).

The launching ceremony of the Integrated Management Plan was graced by representatives of the community of Naivasha as well as the Ministry of Water and the county government. The ceremony began with a speech by the Director of the Institute. Prof. George Owiti noted that if the institution has led the process of developing the plan, stakeholders contributed to its completion. Direct support has allowed the plan to be implemented by stakeholders who have contributed to its development. The Chairman of the Academic board of the Institute said that the strength of this plan was the involvement of all stakeholders.

Upload imagesThe Ministry of Water, Environment and Natural Resources represented by its Secretary General, urged everyone to take care of nature otherwise she would release her wrath. Mr. Lasiyampe vowed the support of his department in the implementation of the plan.

All speakers stressed the importance of the implementation of the plan. The stakeholder’s representative Ruoya Paul and the Chief Executive Office of the IMARISHA Board, Mr. Anderson Koyo asserted that stakeholders in the basin depend entirely on the Lake Naivasha. However, the lake has been degraded due to the lack not only of the structures but also knowledge and skills to manage the lake. On behalf of all stakeholders the plan was therefore welcomed.

Development partners which including Wetlands International, WWF and RECONCILE reiterated the importance of ensuring that the plan is implemented. They further called for the formation of a stakeholder forum also called for the creation of a forum of stakeholders.

Mr. Benjamin Kavuu, deputy director of the Kenya Wildlife Service and Dr. Ondimu National Environmental Management Authority, both reiterated their support for the implementation of the plan.

The national government and the county government are willing to support the implementation of the Naivasha integrated plan in particular components of the ecosystem. The launch was also honored by the presence of political leaders including the member of parliament of Naivasha and representatives of governmental organizations in the country.

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