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Evaluation of ecosystem goods and services at the Senegal River Basin: Wetlands International and OMVS get together for a fruitful partnership


In July 2012, Wetlands International Africa and the Organization for the Development of Senegal River (OMVS), signed a partnership agreement. By joining their forces, the two organizations want to proceed with the evaluation of ecosystem goods and services of wetlands across the Senegal River Basin, through a study. In this regards, they have met on May 22nd at the OMVS headquarters, in Dakar, for a working session.

Hebergeur d'imageThe assessment of ecosystem goods and services in the Senegal River basin remains a major concern for Wetlands International and the Organization for the Development of Senegal River (OMVS). The two bodies are firmly committed to achieve this target. A partnership agreement was signed in July 2012 in Dakar. A study is about to be conducted in this course.

To give shape to this partnership agreement, the Regional Director of Wetlands International and the High Commissioner of OMVS, with their collaborators had recently had an important meeting.

'' For a year now, we have come up with a new concept of expanded and diversified basin. Until now, the river was known by its irrigation activities in the valley while there are various interesting avenues that can be improved and enhanced. The partnership with you is about that. In other member countries of the organization, there are oasis which can be exploited and valued'' said Mr. Kabiné Komara, the High Commissioner of OMVS.

Hebergeur d'imageThe Director of Wetlands International Africa Regional Office, Mr. Ibrahima Thiam, laid emphasis on the importance of such a project. ''Once we conduct this inventory project and showcase the existing potentials, we are willing to work with OMVS member states individually or collectively to develop projects and seek funding for implementation '' he has said.

The study will have to earmark the existing situation and define a fast inventory of wetlands within 04 OMVS member states. The situational analysis will be supplemented by surveys, evaluation of risks analysis and opportunities based on provision of ecosystem services, wetlands mapping / remote sensing and economic evaluation of wetlands among others. It will last 12 months.


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