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Senegal / 5th African Water Week - Dakar hosts Africa to reflect on the hitches of water


Dakar was for a week, the capital of water in Africa with the organization of the 5th edition of the African Water Week (AWW) from 26th to 31st May 2014. The theme was ''Water at the Heart of the 2015 Post-Development Agenda''. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Prime Minister of Sénégal. Mrs. Aminata Touré who called for equitable water resource management for greater peace, integration and cooperation among African countries. This 5th edition stands a year before the end of the MDGs, while 300 million people do not still have the valuable liquid.

Hebergeur d'imageOrganized by the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW), the 5th African Water Week is a high platform to discuss the nagging issue of access to water and sanitation in the continent. The 2014 edition takes place in a particular context. Africa is one year ahead of 2015 which marks the deadline for the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). However, as for to date water is still scarce for 300 million people in Africa.

According to the Prime Minister of Senegal who opened the event, Dakar’s meeting is '' an opportunity to reflect on our performance, assess, and see barriers to the implementation of our policy for the achievement of the MDGs and to instill all the consequences in order to achieve the best results for the post-2015 Agenda ''. And Mrs. Aminata Touré added that '' This common property to all of us must be a factor of peace, unity, integration and economic cooperation between our countries. This 5th African Water Week offers an opportunity to discuss the improvement and performance of the trans boundary management of our agency basins in order to take better advantage of this economic resource '' .Mrs Touré finally invited all African states to think about more effective policies for wise use of the precious liquid as she warns that water deficit could be a looming threat in our skies.

Mrs. Sarah Reng Qchekpe, the Acting President of the Council of African Ministers on Water (AMCOW) said that water is the source of life; it promotes food, security and energy. The Minister for Water Resources of Nigeria urges all actors of the continent to the development and effective and efficient resource management to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on humans and nature.

Hebergeur d'imageThe High Commissioner of the Organization for the Development of the Senegal River (OMVS), Mr. Kabiné Komara said on his part that '' water is vital in the sectors of agriculture, health and energy. It requires a concerted and shared management. This water week is important in more ways than one because it must focus on the preservation of the resource; but it should be an opportunity to develop new modes of action for the sustainable management ''.

Several communications and panels are covered this most important event from which key decisions are expected. All actors are convinced of the need to tackle the heavy challenges facing Africa on water and sanitation issue, fourteen years after the commitments by African countries as regards MDGs

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