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Senegal/Special Avifauna Reserve of Ndiael (RSAN) - A new management plan through an initiative of Wetlands International


The development of a new management plan to suit the current situation of Ndiael (a Ramsar Site) is on course as a result of an initiative from Wetlands International. The organization and its partners held on 17th and 18th June 2014 in Ross-Béthio (Northern Senegal), a workshop for a mid-term project on the theme ''Contribution to the rewetting of Ndiael'' and reflection on the future management plan. A policy document is expected to come out by November 2014 to serve as a new roadmap for Ndiael for the next 5 years.

The ''Contribution to the rewetting of Ndiael'' project intends to be preventive as well as proactive. A year before the end of the MFS II Alliance Ecosystem Program, the new management plan is about to be ready. It should serve as a breviary to the Inter Villager Association (AIV) of Ndiael for the next five (5) years. This is the whole point of the two-day workshop (17th and 18th June 2014) recently organized by Wetlands International and the Ndiael AIV with their partners, IUCN Netherlands and Both Ends. In Ross-Béthio, in the heart of the Senegal River delta (northern Senegal), the aim was to evaluate the mid-term project and discuss on the new management plan for the Special Avifauna Reserve of Ndiael (RSAN).