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Obstacles and constraints from Senhuile to the rehabilitation of water Ndiael – The Company’s Director and CEO reassure.


The presence of the company Senhuile on the periphery of the reserve has caused some harm to the Ndiael rewetting process. The Senegal-Italian agro business company pumps much of its water from Canal Idrissa (1KM from Lake Guiers) for its crops including rice crop that requires a lot of water. Consequently, the water quantity taken from the canal is a source of many problems.  This calls back the issues related to the size and function of the Nietty Yone canal;

Besides, there are niggling questions related to conflicts arising from the use of water.

Moreover, the use of aircraft for manure spreading by Senhuile is in total breach with the functions of the Special Avifauna Reserve.

Participants at the workshop on updating the management plan of the Special avifauna reserve of Ndiael have directly questioned officials of Senhuile on their abuse of Canal Yetti Yone.

On all these issues, Gora Seck, the Chief executive officer and Davide Tampieri, the Director of Senhuile have attempted to bring reassuring answers.

''The rewetting of Ndiael is a priority for us. We have plans to dig a 15 km canal from Yetti Yone which will be clean out and expanded. In Idrissa channel, we will put a 30 m3/s flow where we were asked to put 10 m3/s. We have recently secured relevant authorizations from Agéroute and Préfélag’’ they said. Futhermore, they expressed openness to further discussions for a better understanding in the area.

The new Senhuile management is ready to receive welcome Wetlands International for discussions after the organization’s first requests in that sense remained unanswered since May 13th, 2013 followed by another one on May 15th, 2014.

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