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Senegal/Monitoring of migratory waterbirds - Wetlands International and AIV build a watchtower in the Ndiael


Yowré watchtower has been built by the MFS II Ecosystem Alliance Program in Ndiael. This infrastructure will serve the purpose of visitors who can watch migratory waterbirds as several species hang about in the site. Ndiael Special Avifauna Reserve (RSAN) intends to become the 2nd tourist focal area like the Djoudj National Park (PNOD).

Built on a mound of 8m2 and a height of 6.5 m, the watchtower has been erected in Yowré in the Ndiael Special Avifauna Reserve (RSAN). The mirador has a length of 3.5 m with a width of 3 m. Stairs have been built to facilitate access to visitors and bird watchers. It is a beautiful structure erected on the site by the Inter-Villager Association (AIV) of Ndiael and funded by the Wetlands International, IUCN Netherlands, Both Ends and Living on the Edge (LOTE) sponsored project ’’Contribution to the Ndiael rewetting''. Papa Mawade Wade, Programs Coordinator at Wetlands International Africa told members of the delegation who visited the reserve that '' We planned to erect two other watchtowers in the Special Avifauna Reserve of Ndiael (RSAN) while the Office of Lac de Guiers (Olag) will build the 2nd watchtower under the ADB Project (PREFELAG)''. Mr Wade was speaking on the margins of the workshop on updating the management plan Ndiael (17th and 18th June 2014) in Ross-Béthio in the North Senegal. ''Our aim is to take out the Ndiael reserve from the Montreux Record and help it regain its former glory to the great benefit of people and birds'' he said.

According to Amadou Sow, the President of the AIV, this viewpoint is timely. It is part of the visible achievements of the project in the Ndiael. ''At this moment, people may not see its usefulness but wait a few years when we expect all the birds to come back with the rewetting of the reserve as it was the case in the past, people will feel the impact on their daily lives'' he said.

Today, the Ndiael Avifauna Special Reserve (RSAN) has a prospective vision. It has set itself the goal of becoming the 2nd tourist crucial point in the Senegal River delta like the Djoudj National Park Bird (PNOD) which hosts, every year, thousands of tourists who contemplate the beauty of the birds. The Villager Inter-Association wants to develop ecotourism. Several projects have been planned by the local populations.

The Yowré watchtower has been commissioned. A security agent has been recruited by the AIV for it to be operational.

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