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Senegal / Preservation of the Ndiaël - Wetlands International meets Senhuile.


Wetlands International has expressed concern over the survival of the Ndiaël Special Reserve of Avifauna (RSAN) in the region of Saint-Louis (northern Senegal. Hence, Senhuile Company’s management recently invited WIA on a meeting at the agro business company's headquarters in Dakar during wich, the said concerns were submitted to Senhuile’s management.

The agro business company’s top brass assured Wetlands team that their initial Environmental Impact Assessment will be recommenced and that plans are on course so that water can be abundant for the rewetting of Ndiael reserve.

As a matter of fact, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) conducted by Senhuile in the area of ​​Ndiael will recommence because the current one does not take into account the type of crops currently developed on field. The ideal would be to do an environmental since work has already begun on the ground.

This new approach was confirmed by Massimo Castellucci, the new CEO of Senhuile, on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 during the meeting with Wetlands International’s management at the company's headquarters in Dakar. The Senegalo-Italian agro business company is now committed to work towards the preservation of Ndiael and its inhabitants.

Massimo Castellucci, the new CEO of Senhuile who was appointed on April 24th, 2014, admitted that his company has made errors in its past engagements. He added that Senhuile will now stick to being committed to open up and change course. The company intends to work with people in a form of partnership.

Wetlands International Africa (WIA) through its Regional Director, Mr. Ibrahima Thiam, acknowledged Senhuile’s new commitment to open up.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thiam and his team earlier questioned the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA) of Senhuile on their plans and objectives and their implications for the sustainability of the Ndiael Special Reserve of Avifauna and its status as a wetland of international importance, the use of water, drainage of rice fields during the rainy season in particular, the management of seed-eating birds among other issues.

Senhuile new management team answered all these questions. Gora Seck, President of the Board of Directors added that the company is now ready to cooperate with the various actors.

Wetlands International works in Ndiael for the past 3 years. It currently collaborates with the Inter-Villager Association (AIV) as part of its MFS II Ecosystem Alliance Program with its Project '' Contribution to the Rewetting of Ndiael '’.

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