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The Critical Site Network

This publication aims to provide an overview of the Critical Sites identified for waterbirds in the African-Eurasian region through the Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) project. It highlights the importance of Critical Sites for the populations they hold, the threats facing these sites and their current protection status. Case studies illustrate different approaches to achieving effective conservation for migratory waterbirds.

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African-Eurasian Waterbird Monitoring Partnership

Migratory waterbirds are culturally and economically important, but vulnerable to habitat loss, overexploitation and other pressures. Countries along their flyways have a shared responsibility for sustainable management of their populations. Through the African-Eurasian Waterbird Monitoring Partnership, Wetlands International and partners support science-based decision-making to help countries meet their AEWA commitments to waterbird conservation.

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Management impact of scarce water resources of the Upper Niger on the IND

This presentation on the Inner Niger Delta discusses the hydrology, water grab by existing and future dams, socio-economic and ecological impacts of water grab downstream, as well as long term solutions.

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The Water Crisis in the Inner Niger Delta (Mali)

This presentation decribes the water crisis in the Inner Niger Delta of Mali, one of the continent's largest wetlands, and the relation to dam building upstream and climate change. It is made by Bakary Kone from the Wetlands International Mali Office for our press conference on the Future of the Niger River at the World Water Forum 6 in Marseille, France.

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Intention Stratégique 2011-2020

L’Intention Stratégique pour 2011-2020 est une version révisée des perspectives sur dix années, telles qu’envisagées par Wetlands International. Elle remplace l’Intention Stratégique pour 2005-2014 comme stratégie globale pour l’organisation mondiale.

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Water sharing in the Upper Niger Basin

The scope of this study encompasses the Upper Niger Basin in Mali, focussing on the downstream Inner Niger Delta up to Tombouctou. It focuses on the core bottlenecks and options with regard to IWRM and green development in the basin and steps which have been set – in terms of knowledge development, stakeholder engagement, implementation (emerging practices) - towards a more integrated approach.


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Strategic Intent 2011-2020

The Strategic Intent 2011-2020 is the ten year outlook for our organisation and the overarching strategy for the organisation worldwide. It reflects the new challenges for wetland conservation and the increasing relevance of wetland condition to human well-being in today’s world.


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Annual Review 2010

Our annual review provides a great and global overview of all our achievements, our projects, our publications and other products, our donors and our financial situation.




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Annual Report 2010

The Annual Report 2010 of Wetlands International Africa summarises the projects and achievements of our Africa team over 2010. There is a French and English version.

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Processos Autónomos Locais de Adaptação aos Impactos das Mudanças Climáticas

Este estudo pretende ao nível local discernir os processos de adaptação autónomos das comunidades as mudanças climáticas e determinar as melhores formas de promover e apoiar estes processos, mas tirar dela lições que poderão ser adaptados e replicados noutras lugares. Deve ter igualmente uma acção pedagógica e sensibilizadora não só em relação aos decisores políticos mais também em relação a aqueles que intervêm ao nível local, sobretudo no sentido de considerarem os impactos do clima nos seus programas, projectos e acções.

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