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Storm Surge Reduction by Mangroves

Mangroves can reduce storm surge water levels by slowing the flow of water and reducing surface waves. Therefore mangroves can potentially play a role in coastal defence and disaster risk reduction, either alone or alongside other risk reduction measures such as early warning systems and engineered coastal defence structures (e.g. sea walls).


Published by The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International in 2012.

The Nature Conservancy’s Natural Coastal Protection project is a collaborative work to review the growing body of evidence as to how, and under what conditions, natural ecosystems can and should be worked into strategies for coastal protection. This work falls within the Coastal Resilience Program, which includes a broad array of research and action bringing together science and policy to enable the development of resilient coasts, where nature forms part of the solution.

The Mangrove Capital project aims to bring the values of mangroves to the fore and to provide the knowledge and tools necessary for the improved management of mangrove forests. The project advances the improved management and restoration of mangrove forests as an effective strategy for ensuring resilience against natural hazards and as a basis for economic prosperity in coastal areas. The project is a partnership between Wetlands International, The Nature Conservancy, Deltares, Wageningen University and several Indonesian partner organisations.

Suggested citation for this report
McIvor, A.L., Spencer, T., Möller, I. and Spalding. M. (2012) Storm surge reduction by mangroves. Natural Coastal Protection Series: Report 2. Cambridge Coastal Research Unit Working Paper 41. Published by The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International. 35 pages. ISSN 2050-7941. URL:

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