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African-Eurasian Waterbird Monitoring Partnership

Migratory waterbirds are culturally and economically important, but vulnerable to habitat loss, overexploitation and other pressures. Countries along their flyways have a shared responsibility for sustainable management of their populations. Through the African-Eurasian Waterbird Monitoring Partnership, Wetlands International and partners support science-based decision-making to help countries meet their AEWA commitments to waterbird conservation.

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Flood Prediction tool OPIDIN

Brochure by Wetlands International Africa on the Flood Prediction Tool for the Inner Niger Delta in Mali and how this tools benefits freshwater biodiversity, especially fish populations. 

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Conserver les Zones Humides de l'Afrique

Une marque page developpée pour l'atelier au Accra, Ghana de dialogue des journalistes sur le changement climatique. C'est fair par le bureau de Wetlands International Afrique à Dakar, Sénégal.

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Conserve Africa's Wetlands

This bookmark shows some basic facts about wetlands. It was made by Wetlands International Africa (WIA). 

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Pilot project for Sustainable Coastal management in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s coastal and marine biodiversity faces many threats ranging from habitat destruction, climate change (coastal erosion, flooding and droughts), hunting, collection of sea turtle eggs, to land use change as a result of agriculture and settlement and fish stock overexploitation. However, there are initiatives already addressing some of these issues for some time.

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Poster - Prévenir la mal-adaptation

Prévenir la mal-adaptation: Protéger et restaurer les zones humides pour s'adapter au changement climatique, le poster d’Aldo Suryadiputra et l'équipes de communication du HQ et WIA.

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Wetlands and Climate Change Adaptation brochure

This 6-page brochure demonstrates how wetlands in a healthy, intact condition can greatly contribute to attenuate the water related impacts of climate change. Due to their ability to store and slowly release water, these wetlands are a vital lifeline in periods of extreme droughtsWetlands International urges governments, development organisations and finance institutions to integrate wetlands into climate change adaptation strategies. .

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Networking to Conserve our Biodiversity

BIOMAC aims to coordinate conservation efforts in 7 countries: Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, and Cape Verde. BIOMAC, which seeks to harmonise these actors and their activities, will drive the process of setting up an environmental early warning system and support capacity building from local communities to decision-makers alike.
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Save Our Mangroves!

Wetlands International Africa and IUCN are combining their efforts within the PRCM to promote a wiser use of mangrove resources. The unique functions and values of mangroves sustain a high level of biological productivity which is extremely profitable to both animal species and human beings. This ecosystem, rich with species of flora and fauna, plays an important ecological and economic role for countries along the West African coast.


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Protecting the West African Manatee

Under the PRCM umbrella, Wetlands International Africa brought together many international partners and led the development process of the manatee conservation strategy, with the support of the Abidjan Convention.




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Impact of dams on the people of Mali

This brochure provides a base for decisions regarding the use of water of the Upper Niger. The brochure presents facts about proposed and existing dams and on the costs and benefits, winners and losers.

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Strengthening policies for wise use and management of wetlands in four ecoregions (West and Central Africa): Contribution by Wetlands

This recommendation brochure is the culmination of a lengthy process of exchanges and discussions between wetlands and ibodiversity specialists, representatives of government agencies and ministries, and representatives of non-governmental organisations and key environmental institutions from five countries (Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Mali).

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Livret éducatif sur le lamantin ouest africain

Le PRCM est un partenariat entre la Fondation internationale du Banc d’Arguin (FIBA), l’Union mondiale pour la Nature (UICN), Wetlands international, le WWF et la Commission sous régionale des Pêches (CSRP). Le PRCM qui couvre sept pays côtiers de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (Mauritanie, Sénégal, Gambie, Guinée, Guinée Bissau, Cap Vert et Sierra Leone) a pour objectif de coordonner les efforts de conservation développés sur le littoral des pays concernés.

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Striking a Balance

This leaflet promotes the Striking a Balance (SAB) approach, which seeks to address the widespread and growing pressures on wetlands in Africa from agricultural and other uses. It focuses on the way in which natural resources need to be valued by communities if they are to be used sustainably. In this way the value obtained from the wetland motivates communities to undertake management practices which will enhance and sustain it. However, such uses have to be based on a sound understanding of how wetlands function, especially the functional landscape approach, and how they should be managed through community institutions.

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Facts about violated World Bank and African Development Bank Policies in the controversial Bujagali Project

The World Bank and African Development Bank and other International Finance Institutions (IFIs) are trying to help Uganda develop additional power generation capacity to meet the growing electricity demand, which has exerted strain on the existing power generation capacity that has resulted in severe loading shedding and power-cuts, which in turn is retarding economic growth and negatively affecting natural resources use and management. Government’s fixation on the development of a controversial Bujagali hydropower dam at the expense of alternative and better energy options has aggravated the energy crisis in the country.

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Brochure de présentation du BBI

Présentation des 4 écorégions concernées par le BBI et des objectifs du Programme. Il s'agit d'un document trilingue français, anglais et portugais.

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Response on Avian Infuenza outbreak in Nigeria

Facts about the outbreak and about the risks.

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Brochure sur le lamantin Trichechus senegalensis

Cette publication trilingue (français, anglais, portugais) présente le projet de conservation initié dans le cadre du PRCM et les actions prévues.

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Zonas Importantes para as Aves na Guiné Bissau


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Wetlands International Africa Programme Bulletin 3 English

Managing wetlands and involving local communities

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Enhancing conservation of the critical network of sites required by Migratory Waterbirds on the African/Eurasian Flyways.

Enhancing conservation of the critical network of sites required by migratory waterbirds on the African/Eurasian flyways.

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Publications list of Wetlands International Africa Programme


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Dénombrements d'Oiseaux d'Eau en Afrique (DOEA) / African Waterbird Census - Nouvelles de Dakar

IWC - African Waterbird Census – Nouvelles de Dakar

Récemment nous avons édité le rapport des DOEA 1998 que vous aurez sous peu. Ce retard est lié au fait que nous somme dans une période de transition du programme. En effet, depuis l'année dernière le processus de transfert des activités de ce programme a commencé avec ma formation initiale pour une meilleure connaissance du Programme et un stage préliminaire en gestion des bases de données à Wageningen aux Pays-Bas, puis la rédaction (édition) du rapport DOEA 1998 et enfin le transfert de la base de donnée des DOEA à notre Bureau de Dakar, au Sénégal.


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African Waterbird Census Site Description Form

IWC - African Waterbird Census – Census Form – Site Description Form - English and French

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The Niger, a lifeline (Summary booklet)

Summary booklet about the study 'The Niger a lifeline'.
Effective water management in the Upper Niger Basin

The aim of this study is to develop a decision-support system for effective river management in the Upper Niger, in which ecological and socio-economic impacts and benefits of dams and irrigation systems can be analysed in relation to different water management scenarios.

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The Niger, a lifeline (factsheet)

This is a A4 factsheet with the main ourcomes of the extensive study 'The Niger, a Lifeline'.

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Etat des lieux de la conservation des zones humides

Il faudra cependant attendre le début des années 1990 pour que l'intérêt de la conservation des zones humides dépasse les limites des aires protégées, notamment avec la mise en place progressive d'une politique de gestion durable des ressources naturelles, telle que définie par la conférence de Rio.

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Roadmap (Peta Jalan) Pengelolaan Ekosistem Gambut Berkelanjutan bagi Hutan Tanaman Industri (HTI) Bubur Kayu dan Kertas di Indonesia

NGO letter to pulp and paper giant APRIL on peat management in the Kampar peninsula

Panduan Studi Burung Pantai

Rajang Delta threatened by floods!!

Rajang Delta threatened by floods!!

Briefing paper: accelerating action to Save Peat for Less Heat!

Flooding of lowland peatlands in Southeast Asia

Linting Wetlands

Wetlands International's voluntary commitments to disaster risk reduction

Building with Nature in Indonesia

Facts & figures on palm oil

Green economy with sustainable value chains

Soy entering valuable wetlands of Argentina

Soy Cultivation in South America

The Ecosystem Approach to Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


Poster : Canal Blocking

Next steps for RSPO in relation to peatlands

Subsidence of peat soils in South-East Asia – Flooding risks in Sarawak

Community Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment in the Context of Disaster Risk Reduction

Partnering for Sustainable Business

Workshop: 'Making the business case for Building with Nature'

A sustainable solution for massive coastal erosion in Central Java

Building with Nature Indonesia

Subsidence of peat soils - flooding risk in South-east Asia

Environmental Sustainability As part of the dutch WASH Alliance’s ‘FIETS’ strategy

La Durabilité Environnementale dans les projets eau, hygiène, assainissement de l’Alliance WASH Néerlandaise

Environmental Sustainability In WASH projects by the Dutch WASH Alliance

Agua, soja y humedales

Mengintegrasikan ekosistem ke dalam praktik resiliensi

Poster: Palm oil and Peat

Side event: Terrestrial Ecosystems with High Carbon Content

Methodology for creating visitor centres in nature reserves, national parks and other nature areas: designers work experience.

Migratory birds ‐ Connecting Wetlands and People

L’intégration des écosystèmes dans les pratiques de la résilience

Principios de buenas prácticas pesqueras para pescar hoy y siempre en el Delta

Membangun bersama Alam untuk Ketahanan Pesisir

Environmental Sustainability In purifying water and keeping it clean

La integración de los ecosistemas en la práctica de la resiliencia

Construir con la naturaleza para la resiliencia costera

Inventario de los humedales de Argentina

Restoring Peatlands in Russia

Environmental Sustainability In the storage, management and use of water

Putting community resilience into practice

Integrating ecosystems in resilience practice

Working with Nature for DRR

Building with nature for coastal resilience

Wetlands of International Importance in Russia / Водно-болотные угодья России, имеющие международное значение

Annual IWC Count Totals: African-Eurasian Waterbird Census

Los impactos de las urbanizaciones sobre los humedales del Delta del Paraná

A vision for the practice of disaster risk reduction

Saving peatlands (brochure)

Decision support tree for management of peatlands and organic soils

East Asian Flyway coastal wetlands face an ecological crisis

Una visión nueva sobre resiliencia comunitaria

Rehabilitasi Ekosistem Pesisir di Kabupaten Ende, NTT

Rehabilitasi Ekosistem Pesisir di Kabupaten Sikka, NTT

Rehabilitasi Ekosistem Pesisir di Desa Sawah Luhur, banten

Programa Soja y Humedales

Proyecto Generación de capacidades para el desarrollo sustentable del Delta del Paraná

Proyecto: Conservación y Restauración del Sitio Ramsar Lagunas de Guanacache, Desaguadero y del Bebedero

Statement by the Duck Specialist Group

African-Eurasian Waterbird Monitoring Partnership

Mangroves for Coastal Resilience

Arabic Language Version of Wetlands International in the Mediterranean

French Language Version of Wetlands International in the Mediterranean

Wetlands International in the Mediterranean

Program "MANGROVE CAPITAL" Meningkatkan Ketahanan Pesisir

Peatlands: hotspots for emissions reductions

Conservación de los recursos acuáticos y la biodiversidad en arroceras

Cool Tool

Working together on disasters, climate, ecosystems

Saving the peat swamp forests of Brunei

Communiqué Wetlands Matter

El manejo integral para la Conservación y el Uso Sustentable del Delta del Paraná: Estado actual y desafíos a enfrentar

Driving to Destruction

Nuestros humedales y el cambio climático

Efectos de las actividades humanas sobres los humedales del Delta del Paraná

Humedales y medios de vida

Gestión de humedales y medios de vida

Q&A on AFOLU, ‘wetland management’ and the road to land-based accounting

Civil procedure for researching benthic invertebrate animals inhabiting tidal flats in eastern Japan

Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People (poster 2)

¿Qué son los turbales?

Bienes y servicios ecosistémicos de los humedales del Delta del Paraná

Inundaciones y sequías, Dos caras del mismo Delta del Paraná

Terraplenes y áreas endicadas del Delta del Paraná

Marco Jurídico Institucional del Delta del Paraná

Tidal Flat Benthos Survey Guidebook