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Guidance on waterbird monitoring methodology:

This publication provides a methodological framework for enhancing the monitoring of migratory and wintering waterbirds in the Black Sea coastal region of Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine.

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Methodical Recommendations on Integrated Water Resource Management, Wetland Biodiversity Conservation, Econet Development and Organic Agriculture

The book includes methodical recommendations on basin approach to integrated water resource management, establishment of protected areas, econet development and sustainable agriculture as well as recommendations how to fill a Ramsar Information Sheet. The book is targeted to national, regional, basin and local level authorities in the water, agriculture and environment sector as well as to environmental NGOs and farmers.

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Strategic action plan on integrated water resources management, biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture in the Southern Bug River basin

The Strategic Action Plan (SAP) was developed in the frame of the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme’s project «Towards integrating wetland biodiversity conservation with water and agricultural management in Ukraine. A pilot project in the Southern Bug River Basin». The draft SAP was discussed at 4 regional workshops and 15 roundtables in different settlements located in the Southern Bug River Basin during a public information and educational campaign in 2008—2010. The final version of the SAP was approved by participants of the Basin Conference on 14 May 2010. The Southern Bug Basin Council approved the SAP on 3 February 2011 and decided to use it in the drafting of regional and local programs.

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The ‘Bog’ (God) River Basin

The book gives a comprehensive description of the Southern Bug River Basin. It contains information about origin of the river name “Bog” and its natural conditions, short description of the river itself and its tributaries, information about geology, climate, landscapes, animals and plants, stories about history and modern economic development, short description of main settlements, environmental problems and ways to solve them. The book informs about nature protection areas and activities of environmental NGOs. It also includes children’s drawings and essays.

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The Environmental atlas of the Southern Bug River Basin

Atlas contains 14 maps: administrative map of the basin, physical map, climat in hot and cold periods, river network, network of monitoring of water quality, vegetation and transport network, main water reservoirs, discharges of sewage and reused waters, water supply points, urbanized territories, environmental assessment of water quality, protected areas, and agricultural lands as well as a linear scheme of the Southern Bug River and two of its main tributaries: Synyukha and Ingul Rivers.

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