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Enhancing conservation of the critical network of sites required by Migratory Waterbirds on the African/Eurasian Flyways.

Enhancing conservation of the critical network of sites required by migratory waterbirds on the African/Eurasian flyways.


Migratory waterbirds are an important component of biodiversity that migrate annually
along predictable flyway routes in the African/Eurasian landmass. The principal habitats
that these species require to complete their life cycle are wetlands, many of which are
being seriously degraded, representing a significant and continuing threat to the
maintenance of sustainable migratory waterbird populations. A major barrier to effective
wetland conservation is the lack of technical and management capacity throughout the
region to manage sites and species at a flyway scale. Therefore the project’s goal is to
strengthen strategic capacity to plan and manage the conservation of migratory waterbirds
and the critical sites along their flyways. Strategic and catalytic activities will be
undertaken in three main areas; (i) improved access to flyway scale species and site
information to assist in the protective designation, management and conservation of
critically important wetlands; (ii) establishment of the basis for the enhancement of
technical and decision making capacity; and (iii) the enhancement of communications
capacity for flyway stakeholders at the technical and decision-making level. Key outputs
that will result from the project are a site network tool to assist in the management of
critically important wetlands, four sub-regionally focused training and awareness raising
programmes, eleven demonstrations of site-based best practice management of wetlands
and an exchange programme for flyway practitioners.

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