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Mangrove forests for coastal protection (video)

A film by Wetlands International in which we explain and demonstrate how conservation and restoration of wetlands can be a cost-effective strategy for climate adaption. The film shows how restoring mangroves and other coastal nature can reduce the impacts of climate change such as extreme storms and sea level rise.




Green Coasts - Tsunami reponse
We led the Green Coast project in Southeast Asia, working together with partners and local communities to plant 1.2 million mangrove seedlings, re-establishing over 1,000 hectares of coastal forest, as well as managing other key natural habitats such as coral reefs and lagoons. 

In total this provided 91,000 people with greater security and a basis for new livelihoods in the hardest hit Tsunami areas of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka. 


You can also see all ou videos on the Wetlands International YouTube Channel.

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