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Public Participation in the Conservation of Small Rivers

This publication contains materials from the training course entitled "Public Participation in the Conservation of Small Rivers".


The  training course "Public Participation in the Conservation of Small Rivers" was developed by the Institute of Ecology of NECU and the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme for environmental NGOs involved in the conservation and rehabilitation of small rivers. In 2003 and 2004, members of the Ukrainian Rivers Network participated in the training course. The main topics of the course included: basics of river system functioning, life in small rivers, the current environmental state of the small rivers in Ukraine, regional variations in the economic use of small rivers, development and implementation of local environmental action plans (LEAPs), legal aspects of the conservation and restoration of rivers, forms and methods of public participation in river conservation, and environmental education.

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Public participation in conservation and sustainable use of Small Rivers in Ukraine; support for the River Network in Ukraine

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