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The Global Peatland CO2 Picture

The report presents the first overview ever of peatland carbon data for all countries and regions of the world.  For every country/area information is given on extent and status of peatlands, volume of the peat resource and on CO2 emissions from different types of land use, both for the year 1990 as well as for the year 2008.


The report has been made in close cooperation with the University of Greifswald (Prof. H. Joosten).

This overview of peat-carbon stocks and emissions has been produced to facilitate the UNFCCC climate negotiations in response to a call by countries for emission data caused by the Land Use Change and Forestry sector. The information clearly shows that peat-carbon stocks and their emissions due to peatland degradation are not only enormous, but also a global issue, with stocks and emissions in almost all countries. Dealing with these is therefore a responsibility for a global convention.


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The publication can be freely downloaded from this website. It is not for sale.


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