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Saving the peat swamp forests of Brunei

A Brochure on the importance of conserving the Peat Swamp Forest in Brunei. The Brochure mentions the major threats, solutions and what is being done to safeguard Brunei's peatlands.


A large part of Brunei consists of peat swamp forest; a very special but vulnerable type of wetland forest. One unique element of these areas is their peat soil; a metres deep layer of soft organic material, formed over thousands of years under conditions of waterlogging.

Peat swamp forest covers around 100,000ha (17% of the land area) of Brunei. In contrast to neighbouring countries, the Brunei peat swamp forests are still relatively intact. It is estimated that 80% of peatlands are still covered by good quality peat swamp forest, the highest proportion of intact peat swamp forest in all of South East Asia - by far.


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