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Towards a further extension of the OPIDIN tool

OPIDIN is a predictive model to forecast the flooding of the Inner Niger Delta when the water starts to raise. OPIDIN is an acronym for Outil de Prediction des Inondations dans le Delta Intérieur du Niger. A first version of OPIDIN was developed in 2009 within a study carried out by Royal Haskoning (lead), Altenburg & Wymenga Ecological Consultants and Wetland International. This study was financed by “Partners for Water”, a joint initiative of six departments of the Government of the Netherlands. Wetlands International (Séveré) took the initiative to explore the possibilities to extend the model and asked A&W to investigate how OPIDIN may be extended and improved.


The work was done within the framework of the Wetland & Livelihoods Project: GIRE (Gestion integrée de resources naturelles) dans le basin du Niger en amont de Taoussa. Given the changes to be expected in the Inner Niger Delta due to the ongoing climate change, predicting the flood will become more important. 

Moreover, OPIDIN may function as an early warning system and thus be an essential tool for the people, being either fishermen or farmers, to achieve food security. 

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