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Peatlands – guidance for climate change mitigation by conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable use

This is the second edition of the publication that informs on management and finance options to achieve emissions reductions and enhance other vital ecosystem services from peatlands.


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A decision support tree guides through opportunities for both cultivated and uncultivated peatlands. Methodologies and data available for quantifying GHG emissions from peatlands and organic soils are summarized and practical solutions are given concerning measuring, reporting  and  verification (MRV) and accounting.


Country-specific case studies illustrate the problems, solutions and opportunities of peatland management.

This report is a good handbook for policy makers, technical audiences and others interested in peatlands.


The authors of the report welcome any feedback or input to this report and hope that the information provided may support efforts to make a meaningful contribution to combat climate change through conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable use of peatland.


The report can also be downloaded directly: download the report


FAO, Mitigation of climate change in agriculture programme, Marja-Liisa Tapio-Biström, Senior climate change officer| | +39 34 06 99 95 82
Wetlands International, Marcel Silvius, Head of programme and strategy |  | +31 622624702


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