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A vision for the practice of disaster risk reduction

Wetlands International is working closely with Red Cross, Cordaid, Red Cross Climate Centre and CARE to implement a range of activities in Asia, Latin America and Africa to increase people's resilience against (climate related) disasters via ecosystem restoration and management. Together we have formed the “Partners for Resilience” (PfR).


Disaster risk is rising rapidly. The poorest and most vulnerable people are hit hardest. Many hazards are becoming more frequent and less predictable as a result of climate change. At the same time, environmental degradation erodes nature’s ability to regulate them, and to provide food and water. The result is that more people are caught in a vicious circle of poverty, risk and vulnerability, which drives mounting economic losses, and imposes ever greater costs of relief and rehabilitation on governments and agencies.

Our vision of resilience

Strengthening resilience is increasingly recognised as the key to breaking this cycle. We believe our vision of resilience set out here is the way forward for a wide range of investments in disaster risk reduction.

Download the Spanish version of the brochure (PDF, 3mb)

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