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Annual IWC Count Totals: African-Eurasian Waterbird Census

This annual report summarises the totals per country per species of all waterbirds counted under the International Waterbird Census in the African-Eurasian region. The 2012 report includes counts from 72 countries between 2009 - 2012. The data in this report has been collected by thousands of individuals and collated by National Coordinators, whose names and organisations are listed in the file "Contributors".


Please remember that the numbers in this report are the counted totals sent to Wetlands International, which are almost always less than the actual numbers of a species in a country. Reports from previous years are also available on our Waterbird Forum.

If you would like to learn more about the African-Eurasian Waterbird Census, please visit our website, available in English or French. These pages can also direct you to other regional schemes of the International Waterbird Census in Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

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