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Practical guidance for implementing RSPO Principles & Criteria in relation to peatlands

This manual provides guidance to oil palm growers to adjust their planning and practices according to the new RSPO Principles and Criteria related to peatlands. These specific requirements address the issues of greenhouse gas emissions, soil subsidence and peat fires resulting from peatland drainage for oil palm cultivation. Some requirements relate to existing plantations on peat and others are relevant for the development of new plantations.



The manual gives guidance on the purpose and the implementation of each relevant criterion to enhance better awareness and understanding of the issues at hand. The manual is presented as a draft to solicit comments, questions and other inputs from all RSPO members and other interested parties who would like to see the new P&C to be implemented in an optimal way. We will use the feedback to publish a new version next year.

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Your feedback is welcome at attn. Marcel Silvius, Wetlands International.

Release ‘Growers Manual’ draft with request for comments, input and questions 

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