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Compilation of MFF SGF Study: “Compilation Study of Small Grant Facilitacy Program – Mangroves for the Future Indonesia”

The main program activities of MFF Indonesia in 2014 is capacity building and the implementation of 16 projects of small and medium-scale projects in one issue that puts the improvement and enhancement of coastal ecosystem function, especially mangroves, as well as increasing capacity and livelihoods of the coastal communities. In the process of project implementation on the ground, grantee or grantee institutions (NGOs, CBOs and the University) perform a variety of simple innovations, low-cost and community-based. In the efforts to restore mangrove ecosystem through the Mangrove for the Future program - Facilitacy Small Grant (MFF - SGF), community management is the main actor. Donors, national and local governments, NGOs and other partners is the facilitator. Harmonious interaction between the stakeholders to be a priority so that the ideas and values in mangrove restoration activities can be introduced and implemented by the community. This is a major challenge that required the right approach so that relations with the parties can be repaired.



Therefore, in managing stakeholder relationships in particular communities, governments andpartners, we need a process that is capable to bring each party in a better state. Each party can run without any clash of interests with the others. This process called social learning. In addition to the relationship between the stakeholders, the implementation of mangrove ecosystem restoration activities could not be separated with the technical aspects of implementation in the field. Thus, in addition to social learning, technical learning activity is something that is very important to be learned. Technical learning in the field can be gained from various rehabilitation / mangrove planting and economic empowerment at each location of activities. These learnings are expected to actualize the understanding of the various parties and implementing mangrove ecosystem restoration activities.



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