Provision d'eau, assainissement et hygiène

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Inner Niger Delta, Mali
  • By implementing environmental solutions that prevent transmission of water-related diseases we protected 134,000 people from malaria, schistosomiasis and diarrhoea.
  • We provided clean drinking water, improved management of solid and liquid waste, improved latrines, and management of invasive weeds to these communities in the Delta.
  • Developed best practices for sanitation, waster disposal and water supply, benefitting rural districts such as Macina, Kolongo, Kokry, Mopti, Konna and Youwarou
  • Wetlands International Africa has set up a formal partnership with RAMCEA (Ramsar Centre for East African Wetlands (RAMCEA) in Uganda to provide further direct support and advice to Ugandese partner NGO Joint Effort to Save the Environment’ (JESE).
  • Partner NGO JESE completed a feasibility study for integrating water harvesting and wetland management. The study showed the importance of the catchment to surrounding communities and its (untapped) potential for water harvesting in the Rwambu catchment and Rwenzori region.