Senegal / 3rd Edition of the Green UGB camp: Wetlands International supports the students caravan

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The sets of scientific equipments recently donated to Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis (UGB) by Wetlands International, was of a great use during the students summer camp that was held from 29th August to 12th September 2015 in the regions of Saint Louis and Fatick. Several activities related to reforestation, cleaning and environmental education were held by the campers.

”Thanks to the materials offered by Wetlands International, we were able to accommodate some of us in the tents. Compasses, GPS and binoculars allowed us to undertake a review of migratory turtles which laying period approached. With the telescope, we could proceed with the observation of some migratory birds. These training materials have facilitated our field missions” said El Hadj Mamadou Tall Fall, coordinator of the camp. Several activities were on the agenda of the caravan which visited Gandiole in northern Senegal, Dionewar and Niodior in central west. The main actions include mangrove, acacias and casuarinas reforestations.

For instance, about 3500 propagules at 2 sites of mangroves and 75 mesquite are reforested in Gandiole. In Dionewar, 50 mesquite and  110 acacia trees were planted and in Niodior 50 mesquite and 80 acacia got planted. In these two villages, there were no mangroves reforestation because of lack of available site according to the local agent of water and forestry departement, said Mr. Tall.

Other activities include a “zero plastic waste” cleaning campaign, sensitization on the use of coastal resources, the degradation of the environment and the importance of biodiversity and the need to conserve and manage natural resources for future generations. One top program of the camp was the monitoring of turtles and migratory birds in partnership with the National Park of Langue de Barbarie and an environmental education for students. A particular emphasis was laid on the dangers of environmental degradation to human being, by pollution and plastics waste.

This holiday caravan of Green UGB supported by Wetlands International, aimed at raising awareness for local communities and the national authorities on the risks linked to environmental degradation, especially in coastal areas that are highly vulnerable. The 3rd edition was held from August 29th to September 12th, 2015 and was attended by 25 participants.

Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis created a committee called Green UGB in 2012. This committee includes all components of the university community and other structures operating in the field of environment.