Toward Managing Transboundary Wetlands in the Nile Basin

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A major global river basin spanning 11 countries and supporting millions of people, the Nile Basin abounds in diverse wetlands. These wetlands, some transboundary, provide a range of services to people, biodiversity and economies. That said, the challenges facing these wetlands are highly intense. Hence they require close regional collaboration of the various states and other stakeholders for their sustainable utilisation and management.

Therefore, various stakeholders have collaborated in undertaking landscape analyses, participatory wetlands assessments and development of wetland management plans that will simultaneously provide incentives to conserve selected transboundary wetlands by promoting sustainable livelihoods. These feature three transboundary wetlands in the Nile Basin: Sio-Siteko in Kenya and Uganda; Sango Bay-Minziro in Uganda and Tanzania; and Semliki Delta in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

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