Support for Transboundary Management of the Saloum-Niumi Complex

The Niger, a lifeline

An extensive study on the impact of existing and planned dams in the Upper Niger. Impacts such as irrigation, hydropower generation but also loss of […]

The Niger, a lifeline (factsheet)

This is a A4 factsheet with the main ourcomes of the extensive study ‘The Niger, a Lifeline’.

Distribution of Waterbirds in Africa

The African Waterbird Census (AfWC) has taken place in the month of January and July every year since 1991. During the April 2001 – March […]

Manual for monitoring seabird colonies in West Africa

Status survey and conservation action plan for the Black Crowned Crane Balearica Pavonina

We provide recommendations for the future conservation of Black Crowned Cranes and their wetland habitats at a species and sub-species level. We recommend launching public […]

Enhancing conservation of the critical network of sites required by Migratory Waterbirds on the African/Eurasian Flyways

Migratory waterbirds are an important component of biodiversity that migrate annually along predictable flyway routes in the African/Eurasian landmass. The principal habitats that these species require to […]

African Waterbird Census No. 9 (1999, 2000, 2001)

This publication is a compilation of data and reports of African Waterbird Census carried out between April 1998 and March 2001, with particular emphasis on […]

Publications list of Wetlands International Africa Programme

Wetlands International Africa Programme Bulletin 4