Wetlands International at Ramsar COP13

Wetlands International attended the 13th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP13) held in Dubai, UAE from […]


Eastern Africa team wins the Wetlands International team excellence award

On 21st October 2018, Wetlands International Eastern Africa team won the prestigious Wetlands International team excellence award in Dubai on the eve of RamsarCOP13, for […]


Annual Review and Accounts 2017

Wetlands International has continued its’ work in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean to show how managing wetlands can open the door to sustainable […]


WATER RESOURCES: Partake and Protect – Watershed Programme in Western Uganda

In the face of mounting environmental and societal changes how do we ensure adequate water quality and safeguard the health and supply of these vital […]


Wetlands International Supervisory Council visits Kenya

Wetlands International Supervisory Council accompanied by Wetlands International Management Team visited Kenya between 4th and 8th December 2017. The group led by a diverse team […]

Wetlands International Africa Annual Report 2016


Our Accountability

Transparency and accountability to our stakeholders is one of our core values. This includes actively seeking feedback on our performance. Annual Reviews and Accounts 2019 […]

Annual Report 2014 Africa

2014 was a dynamic year for Africa’s regional office of Wetlands International which continued to consolidate its good achievements. Many strategic actions were implemented by the organisation […]

Strategic Intent 2011-2020

The Strategic Intent 2011-2020 is the ten year outlook for our organisation and the overarching strategy for the organisation worldwide. It reflects the new challenges for wetland […]

Annual Report 2010

The Annual Report 2010 of Wetlands International Africa summarises the projects and achievements of our Africa team over 2010.