Rufiji Gears Up for Mangrove School Clubs

As part of outreach and awareness efforts, Wetlands International in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Sciences University of Dar es Salaam recently conducted a […]


Restoring Rufiji Mangroves: Steady Steps, Mega Dreams

As we celebrate World Mangroves Day today, we take stock of the small but sure and steady steps we have made since 2018 towards restoring […]


Wetlands Across Borders – Managing Sango Bay – Minziro, Semliki and Sio-Siteko Transboundary Wetlands

Wetlands occur extensively across the Nile Basin, supporting livelihoods of millions of people and providing a unique ecosystem, rich habitat and breeding grounds for fish, […]


Nos solutions sont dans la nature : #WorldBiodiversityDay2020

C’est la Journée Mondiale de La Biodiversité! Le thème de cette année « Nos solutions sont dans la nature » rappelle la nécessité d’adopter des […]


Wetlands: Our Frontline Defence against Floods

Over the past three weeks, more than 200 Kenyans have been killed by raging floods and landslides. Rivers have broken banks, and dams and lakes […]


Reviewing Rufiji Delta Management Plan for Mangrove Ecosystem Sustainability

In recent times, natural resource management has been moving toward a more collaborative and participatory management approach. This is no different to the approach adopted […]


The next generation of wetland conservation champions- The World Celebrates World Wetlands Day

From sea level rise, coral bleaching, hydrological effects, changes in water temperature, to alterations in water availability and quality, climate change is threatening our wetlands […]


Maimuna and the mangroves – The connections between women and wetlands, and the role they play in conservation cannot be ignored.

The connections between women and wetlands, and the role they play in conservation cannot be ignored. But then, how important is it? To look for […]


Mangrove forest communities in Rufiji Delta trained on an alternative approach to mangrove restoration.

Mangrove restoration is not just planting one or two mangrove species in straight lines – it’s much more complex than that.  To demystify this, together […]


Wetlands, the front line to our defence – World Wetlands Day 2019

As the climate is changing, we need to take better care of our wetlands – they are the front line of our defence! The world […]