National Disaster Management Strategic Plan for South Sudan

Disasters in South Sudan resulting in high levels of vulnerability are driven and triggered by various factors influenced by climatic changes and human negligence. Disaster […]


A step toward resilience in Ethiopia’s Somali Region

The Somali region of Ethiopia which has a population of about 5 million people, is the most important food and water insecure region in the […]


Building ecosystem resilience in Ethiopia’s Somali Region

How can we build the long-term resilience of communities to withstand recurring food and water insecurity, droughts and flash floods in the Horn of Africa […]


A Step Towards Resilience: Joint Initiatives Addressing Protracted Crisis in Somali Region-Ethiopia

A Step Towards Resilience is a compilation of inspiring stories from the disaster-prone Somali Region of Ethiopia. Wetlands International worked with partners Red Cross, Red […]



A serene and tranquil atmosphere is what welcomes you to Nyamisati village, in Kibiti district, a town about 180kms from Dar es salaam one of […]


Safeguarding the Tana River Basin – Kenya

Wetlands International Kenya successfully launched a study on The Economics of Ecosystem Services of the Tana River Basin in Nairobi Kenya. The study provides evidence […]


Mangrove Capital Africa – Rufiji Delta, Tanzania

Mangrove Capital Africa (MCA) Programme is a 10-year programme whose vision is: Mangroves and their biodiversity are healthy, improving the livelihoods of millions of people and protecting them against the dangers of climate change. MCA targets the coasts of East and West Africa. In East Africa the initial focus is on the Rufiji Delta in Tanzania.


Wetlands International Eastern-Africa Brochure

Wetlands International Eastern-Africa Brochure is a general outline of our interventions and outcomes in the region; namely Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan.

Sénégal / Sustainable community based enterprise ‘’Promoting oyster farming in the Sine Saloum Delta. ’’ Project launched

Funded by Thewaterloofoundation and executed by the Inter-Villager Association of Dassilamé (AIV), the project ‘’Promoting oyster farming as a sustainable community enterprise in the Sine […]

Senegal / RBDS Management: Wetlands International and the Foundiougne DC sign Partnership Agreement

As part of the Mangrove Platform introduced in March by the District Council of this area with the technical and financial support of Wetlands International, […]