Upscaling Community Resilience through Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction in Uganda

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This video presents the inspiring example of upscaling community resilience in river basins through working with micro-catchment committees in Uganda. Produced as part of the 3½-year project (2019-2022) implemented by Wetlands international on Upscaling Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) in Aswa River catchment, the video focuses on Upper Agago secondary sub-catchment, Abim District, Uganda.

The key risks addressed by the project were frequent and prolonged droughts in upstream areas and flooding in midstream zones. The project strengthened the resilience of vulnerable women and men to drought and floods using A model for upscaling community resilience was implemented through three core components of Eco-DRR: Ecosystem Restoration/Protection, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Smart Livelihoods. Specifically, the project scaled up Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and inclusive risk governance through improved catchment-based water resources management. The project further established Loyoroit, Odongi and Angaro micro-water catchment management committees and contributed to the review of national planning guidelines on Catchment-Based Integrated Water Resources Management for improved drought and flood management. So, watch this video and be inspired on how to strengthen community resilience in river basins and wetland landscapes.

The project was awarded by the European Commission (EU INTPA) to the UN Environment Programme, and implemented in collaboration with Partners for Resilience (PFR) in five countries. In Uganda, the project was implemented in collaboration with Ministry of Water and Environment, Abim District Local Government and local communities. More information on the overall programme can be found here: Eco drr – Partners for Resilience and here: Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction | UNEP – UN Environment Programme.