A communication plan to support the restoration and conservation of mangroves in the Saloum delta in Senegal

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The workshop of  development of communication plan for the mangrove capital africa program in the Saloum Delta has achieved its objective.

SWOT analysis session

SWOT analysis session during the meeting

The meeting was held in the village of Ndangane Sambou in the rural commune of Fimla, bringing together community radio, grassroots community organizations and officials of Saloum protected areas.
In fact, the participants welcomed the result of these three days of work, which allowed the development of a detailed and realistic framework that takes into account all the expectations of the communities that live and rely heavily on the mangrove ecosystems in Saloum delta.
This communication plan, with a budget of US $ 30,000, will be fully funded by Wetlands International Africa through its Mangrove Capital Africa program. In this communication plan an important place is given to the social mobilization, as a factor of change of behavior. It will be implemented over an 8-month period, from October 2018 to May 2019, through close and permanent collaboration between grassroots community organizations, decentralized technical services and community radios.
Through innovative and participatory communication approaches and tools, such as caravans, home visits, public broadcasts and interactive broadcasts, local media will support the implementation of mangrove restoration and conservation plans. This will have the merit of raising the awareness of communities and decision makers on themes related to the restoration, conservation and sustainable exploitation of mangrove resources:
• Opportunities offered by Mangrove Capital Africa program
• The importance of mangrove in the ecological balance
• Causes of degradation of mangrove ecosystems
• Causes of failures of mangrove planting campaigns
• The factors of success in the restoration of the mangrove
• Energy alternatives to mangrove wood
• Good practices in the exploitation of mangrove resources
• The impacts of climate change on mangrove ecosystems
• The role of the mangrove on mitigating the impacts of climate change
• Empirical knowledge in the use of mangrove resources
• The importance of protected areas in mangrove conservation
• Effects of pollution on mangrove ecosystems

Presentation session of the restoration plans in plenary

For information, note that this local communication plan of the mangrove capital africa program in the Saloum Delta is an operational version of the axis 1 of the communication strategy of Wetlands International Africa which is dedicated to the participatory communication and the social mobilization.
Mangrove Capital Africa is a program of Wetlands International funded by the DoB Ecology Foundation.