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Regional GIS Officer


I have been a technology and nature enthusiast from a tender age. Awed by the magnificence of my home locality in the scenic north rift Elgeyo Escarpment, and alarmed by the rapid loss of biodiversity, I developed a burning desire to conserve the environment and give my community a fighting chance to secure their livelihoods from nature. Little did I know that this aspiration would shape my career path.

As a nature enthusiast, I am in my element when I utilise space technology to model environmental issues by acquiring and processing remote sensing data to generate knowledge that aids informed decision-making and sustainable community development. In my role as a GIS Officer,  I have the responsibility to provide technical support in data acquisition, processing and dissemination of mapping outputs to support Wetlands International’s programmes and projects.

I hold a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Nairobi and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from  Kenyatta University.

Outside of work, I love interacting with nature through hiking, sightseeing and watching documentaries.