Rufiji Mangroves Sustaining Communities and Nature

Today is World Wildlife Day which is focusing on Forests and Livelihoods that sustain people and the planet. In the Rufiji Delta where some 45,000 […]


World Wetlands Day 2021: Wetlands are the Freshwater Sources

Less than 1% of water on Earth is usable freshwater and it is mostly stored in wetlands. This World Wetlands Day we celebrate how wetlands are […]


Beekeeping for Climate Resilience

In the arid north of Uganda, Doreen Acheng, 29, works in her small farm hoping to improve her livelihood through different ventures. A mother of […]


Toward Managing Transboundary Wetlands in the Nile Basin

A major global river basin spanning 11 countries and supporting millions of people, the Nile Basin abounds in diverse wetlands. These wetlands, some transboundary, provide […]


Enhanced Agroforestry Plans to Restore River Aswa Catchment in Uganda

Simon Peter Bua, a smallholder farmer aged 39, doubles up as an adult-learning teacher for his community in Angaro micro-catchment, North West Uganda. With seven […]


Wetlands International at the Climate Adaptation Summit

On January 25-26 the Climate Adaptation Summit takes place online at Wetlands International organises two new large initiatives through formal CAS side events and […]


Commercial Beekeeping for Community Resilience in Northern Uganda

Wetlands International is supporting 30 smallholder farmers from upper Aswa-Agago sub-catchment in Abim District, Northern Uganda, to boost their beekeeping to commercial level with a […]


Rufiji Gears Up for Mangrove School Clubs

As part of outreach and awareness efforts, Wetlands International in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Sciences University of Dar es Salaam recently conducted a […]


Strengthening Community Resilience in South Sudan

Established by Wetlands International under Partners for Resilience, the Kinnaite Wetlands Working Group included representatives from the communities, government and Civil Society Organizations. It is […]


Using Geo-Data to Improve Water Resource Management in Kajiado County

Kenya is a chronically water scarce country (UNEP, 2008). This means that demand for water is greater than the renewable freshwater resources that the country […]