The Directory of Ethiopian Wetlands: a first inventory

On October 10, 2019, Wetlands International in collaboration with its local implementing partner Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History  Society, EWNHS launched a book entitled  “A […]


Women voice for Water in Nanyuki,Kenya

Sustainable WASH for all can only be achieved when all citizens – including women and people living with disabilities – contribute to policy development and […]


Strengthening stakeholder capacity towards integrating geo-data to address WRM & WASH issues in Kajiado

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) knowledge is a powerful decision support tool that provides for collection and analysis of data. Wetlands International through a project supported […]


Reviewing Rufiji Delta Management Plan for sustainable use of Mangrove ecosystem

In recent times, natural resource management has been moving towards a more collaborative and participative management approach. This is no different to the approach adopted […]


Multi-stakeholder problem solving to address water resources data gap in Kajiado

Wetlands international together with other stakeholders held a one-day workshop in Kajiado, Kenya on 16 May 2019 to kick off activities under the project “Application […]


Towards sustainable livelihoods: Application of geo-data in Water Resource Management in Kajiado County

Currently, Kajiado’s water data fall short of the fundamental goal of being complete, accessible, and usable. To contribute efforts towards addressing this challenge, Wetlands International […]


 Wetlands across borders – Managing the Sio-Siteko, Semliki, Sango Bay-Minziro Transboundary Wetlands

Despite covering only 0.6% of Earth’s surface, wetlands provide very critical ecosystem services but are threatened with degradation by human activities as most people are […]


The next generation of wetland conservation champions- The World Celebrates World Wetlands Day

From sea level rise, coral bleaching, hydrological effects, changes in water temperature, to alterations in water availability and quality, climate change is threatening our wetlands […]


Maimuna and the mangroves – The connections between women and wetlands, and the role they play in conservation cannot be ignored.

The connections between women and wetlands, and the role they play in conservation cannot be ignored. But then, how important is it? To look for […]


Mutual Gains Approach as a negotiation tool for Ecosystem Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods

The productivity and sustainability of natural systems, including wetlands, is increasingly being challenged by a multitude of natural and anthropogenically-induced changes and rising hazards — […]