Drops of Hope – Restoring balance in Ziway-Shalla sub-basin 

This video highlights the remarkable achievements and collaborative actions undertaken in five years to restore balance in the Ziway-Shalla sub-basin for water security. It’s a journey […]



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Safeguarding Upstream to Secure Ethiopia’s Lowland Wetlands: Harnessing Power of Community and Collaboration

Gachino is a small river, but one of the key tributaries of the Meki River which trickles down the semi-mountainous Gurage Zone in Bui Woreda […]


Cold Storage Facility for Rufiji Delta Fisherfolk

Fisheries is one of Tanzania’s key economic sectors. In 2022, the fishing industry contributed 1.8 per cent to the National GDP and grew by 2.5 […]


Collaborative Pact for Kenya’s Lamu Wetlands

In a groundbreaking move for the conservation of wetland ecosystems across the vast Lamu land and seascape, Wetlands International and the County Government of Lamu […]


Africa Climate Summit: Wetlands, Unsung Heroes in Climate Regulation

In the heart of the African continent, nestled between the Sahara Desert to the north and lush equatorial forests to the south, lies the Nile […]


Wetlands International at Africa Climate Summit/Africa Climate Week

What: The Africa Climate Summit and Africa Climate Week will take place in Nairobi from 4-8 September 2023. Co-hosted by the Government of Kenya and […]


Restoring the Natural Balance of Ethiopia’s Central Rift Valley Lakes

In the heart of Ethiopia’s Oromia region, some 200 kilometres south of Addis Ababa, lies a breathtaking landscape, home to the Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park. […]


A New Dawn: Quest to Restore Turkana’s Rangelands

In the vast Kenya’s northern region of Turkana lies the Todonyang Rangelands, once a lush and thriving ecosystem that sustained the local pastoralist community. Unprecedented […]


A Tapestry of Culture, Heritage and Mangroves: Exploring Ecotourism in Pate

Nestled in Lamu’s mangrove archipelago is Pate Island, a small but enchanting gem, located northeast of Lamu Island, that brims with history, natural beauty and […]