Rufiji Gears Up for Mangrove School Clubs

As part of outreach and awareness efforts, Wetlands International in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Sciences University of Dar es Salaam recently conducted a […]


Strengthening Community Resilience in South Sudan

Established by Wetlands International under Partners for Resilience, the Kinnaite Wetlands Working Group included representatives from the communities, government and Civil Society Organizations. It is […]


Using Geo-Data to Improve Water Resource Management in Kajiado County

Kenya is a chronically water scarce country (UNEP, 2008). This means that demand for water is greater than the renewable freshwater resources that the country […]


In Memory of Paul Mafabi

We deeply regret to announce that our former Supervisory Council member and most appreciated partner, Paul Mafabi succumbed to COVID-19 on the age of 62. […]


Sio-Siteko: Making Steps to Implement Transboundary Wetland Management Plan

Aidah Nabwire, a mother of six, has over the years watched with dread the negative effect of human activities in her home in Busia, Uganda. […]


Youth Power in Restoring Ethiopia’s Central Rift Valley Lakes

In the last two decades, the negative impact of human activities on the environment has reared its ugly face in most parts of the world. […]


Upper Nile Riverine Systems: Enhancing Management for Sustainability

Wetlands International through the Ecosystem Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) project, in collaboration with the Upper Nile Water Management Zone, Ministry of Water and Environment, is […]


Mitigating Conflict to Safeguard Rufiji’s Mangroves

Pastoralists normally require large areas to move their livestock according to seasons, ecology and weather changes. In some areas where the livestock population exceeds the […]


Restoring Rufiji Mangroves: Steady Steps, Mega Dreams

As we celebrate World Mangroves Day today, we take stock of the small but sure and steady steps we have made since 2018 towards restoring […]


Developing an Integrated Wetlands Management Plan for Samburu, Kenya

Wetlands International is developing an Integrated Wetlands Management Plan for Samburu County for key wetlands found in the mid-catchment area of ​​River Ewaso Ng’iro in […]