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Transparency and accountability to our stakeholders is one of our core values. This includes actively seeking feedback on our performance.

Annual Reviews and Accounts 2019

Each year we publish our annual report and accounts which assesses how we have delivered on our mission, vision and strategic intent. We are pleased to present Wetlands International Annual Review and Accounts 2019, The Source. 

The Source brings to life our achievements, stories of outcomes and progress and spotlights those behind the work — from our network team around the world to our partners, donors and members. We hope it will provide inspiration and insight into our most exciting and challenging programmes from Africa to Asia, South East Asia, South America to Europe.

In the 2019 edition, you will find examples of how we are developing data-driven tools and capacities to help steer and mobilise on-the-ground interventions. You will also get a sense of how we work in unusual partnerships to design and mobilise nature-based solutions at scale and achieve leverage of major results starting with seed funding. This year’s articles bring to life our work, people and network across ‘blue lifelines’, ‘building with nature’, ‘cities and wetland economies’.

In the Annex (downloadable) you will find detail of our audited financial accounts. (NOTE: The accounts are not yet published due to a delay related to COVID-19. These will be available shortly.)