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Wetlands in the Landscape

Our approach to wetlands conservation and wise use reflects the dynamic nature of these ecosystems and their connection to the wider landscape and communities. Wetlands have a long history of human use and strong cultural connections that continue to shape this use. Taking this interconnectivity into account is a key dimension in sustaining and restoring wetlands.

Knowledge, Policy and Practice

We connect technical knowledge, policy dialogue and practical projects in the field. Using scientific knowledge makes us a well-trusted source of information while powerful on-the-ground projects inspire people to act. We engage in advocacy on areas and issues that we have developed knowledge and experience overtime. We use this to stimulate governments and companies to develop and implement effective policies at all scales, from local to global.

Empowering Local Communities

Our experience proves that policies and investments can be strongly influenced through a bottom-up process. By working with local partners and building the capacity of communities whose lives are closely connected to wetlands, we empower civil society with knowledge and skills to engage more effectively with governments and the private sector, influencing decisions that affect them, but which are made at a national and even international level.

Strategic Partnerships

To leverage significant change, we need governments, private sector and civil society to act individually and jointly. We work in a critical and constructive manner with the corporate sector to improve their sustainability performance particularly in relation to wetlands and water. We also engage in partnerships as a means of enabling both the public and private sector to safeguard and restore wetlands.

Connecting Local to Global

By connecting our work across offices and through partner networks, we combine local experiences and successes and increase our impact on national, regional and global policies, practices and investments.

Working for Long-Term

We have learnt that while we can demonstrate small scale successes in just a few years, bringing about positive change for people and nature in large wetland systems takes time, often decades. Therefore, we believe in working for the long-term in major wetlands areas.

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