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Give to Wetlands International Africa and help safeguard and restore wetlands – the source of water that supports life on earth. Your financial support will help Wetlands International Africa to secure the future of wetlands for the nature and people that depend on them.

Why give to Wetlands International Africa?

Wetlands are undervalued ecosystems, yet they are as vital to the planet as oceans and forests. Without wetlands there would be no water. Your support will help us spread this message.

We have prevented 1,5 megatonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions from peatlands around the world. Your support will help us respond to threats such as the recurring peat fires in Southeast Asia, which emit huge amounts of CO2 and are a public health disaster.

In the last 5 years, Wetlands International has helped to improve the livelihoods of over 200,000 people in wetland-dependent communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With your help our impact will be even greater.

How can you support Wetlands International?

When you donate to Wetlands International, you will be joining a community of people who support our work in different ways. Depending on whether you are an individual or organisation, and your financial capacity, you can become a supporter by making an individual contribution, a donor by funding a specific project, or sponsor a Wetlands International event.

We also need your help in spreading our message, so please join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Transparency and accountability are a core value of Wetlands International; find out more about our accountability.

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