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Regional Communications Officer


I slipped into wildlife conservation with the curiosity of youth, not knowing it would define my career and life. I became fascinated by how our lives and livelihoods are intimately connected to nature and was equally alarmed by how mankind takes nature for granted.

As an environmental communications professional, I have learned that engaging respectfully with communities provides incredible learning opportunities and creates the best platform for achieving meaningful impacts.

In my role, I help document and relay what we do. My interests in communications range from strategy, content, publications, media, advocacy and photography that speak to the heart and mind. Before joining Wetlands International, I served as a communicator for two well-known wildlife conservation brands.

Always a student, I obsessively probe and seek answers about almost anything of interest – except physics! I studied communications and education and remain passionate about historical and current affairs on my beloved continent, Africa.

A lover of the outdoors, I enjoy everything nature – petrichor, fresh air and landscape gazing, birdlife, nutrition and naturopathy – and, of course, interacting with the simple folk who are at the heart of what we do and who I am.