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Success for me, as the Director of Eastern Africa, is when the local communities, together with other stakeholders like government partners, embrace the importance of conserving their wetlands and put in place solid measures to do so.

I have been with Wetlands International since 2013. Over these years, I have developed a keen interest in ensuring that we work closely, particularly with communities, in the planning and sustainable management of wetlands. My proudest moment, with dedicated support from colleagues, was the opening of new offices in Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia, bringing us closer to the communities we work with.

In the last 24 years, I have worked in the water resources management sector for both the government and NGOs. My passion to work in this sector was borne out of my concern over the depleting water resources. Streams that flowed freely through my neighbourhood when I was young girl today no longer exist or are heavily polluted.

My educational background is a MSc in Environmental Planning and Management, postgraduate diploma in Integrated Water Resources Management and a first degree in Biology. Presently, I am pursuing a PhD in Climate Change & Adaptation to gain a better understanding of the vulnerabilities of communities that live adjacent to wetlands.

Working with Wetlands International has also nurtured in me a growing interest in bird watching during my free time and while out in the field.