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Driver - Turkana


As the driver in the Turkana landscape, I am charged with facilitating colleagues to meetings and appointments. And when duty calls to transverse the vast and tough Turkana terrain, I ensure that my colleagues are comfortable whilst taking all necessary caution. I also run clerical and administrative duties for smooth office operations.

I started as an ambulance driver in 2007 with the health arm of the African Inland Church in Lokichogio, Turkana and three years later joined the regional office of Help Age International in the same region. After a two-year stint, I moved to Lutheran World Federation, Department for World Service Kenya and Djibouti Programme which was implementing the UNHCR projects in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps. By the time I joined Wetlands International in 2022, I had acquired intricate and vast knowledge of the written and unwritten driving laws in the Turkana landscape.

Working with Wetlands International is a privilege to me and I now use every opportunity to educate our local communities on the need to conserve and restore our wetland ecosystems and other natural resources. I assist my colleagues in outreach to the community on the need to protect and preserve areas where water exists for the benefit of their livestock. I also support with translation from English to Turkana language and vice versa when engaging the community.

I am a trained automotive mechanic and also certified in auto-electrical mechanicals. In addition, I hold an impeccable driving record and good knowledge of vehicle maintenance.
Away from work, I support church activities, love watching documentaries, travelling and engaging directly with all walks of people.