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Project Officer - Turkana


We have only one earth. Therefore, the need to safeguard, manage and restore ecosystems means we, as humans, must yield to a greater call as stewards and co-creators with the Creator.

As a Project Officer, I coordinate field activities in the Turkana region and manage day-to-day project operations. With five years of experience in programme management, I provide field guidance and technical support in project planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. I also lead in developing partnerships with the Turkana County Government, national government agencies and CSOs in this landscape.

The desire for a healthy environment and local communities co-existing with their surroundings drives my passion. My enthusiasm abounds for programmes that enhance knowledge and innovation, promote sustainable environmental management and elevate the livelihoods of communities.

My experience spans implementing programmes related to ecosystem management approaches, WASH, water governance, water quality monitoring and natural resources management. I have been involved in water governance and quality research in Turkana with an interest in integrated water resource management.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Kenya’s Egerton University and currently working on my Master’s degree in Limnology.

Away from my work duties, I love nature outdoor activities such as hiking, sunset viewing, forest picnics, visiting parks, and more. Besides, I like listening to local indigenous perspectives. I am passionate about the greater call of discipleship and engaging the younger generations to make a positive difference.