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Communications Assistant - Visual


As a passionate advocate for environmental stewardship and a lifelong artist, I have found a unique intersection of my talents in my work with Wetlands International. From an early age, I was instilled with a deep appreciation to keep the environment clean. I have carried this value with me throughout my life.

Through my growing career, I have learnt to leverage my skills and creativity to make a difference in the world. Visuals are a powerful tool for communication. My goal is to use creativity, knowledge and passion to effectively share the message of wetlands conservation with people everywhere, advocating for change on behalf of these vital ecosystems, and the communities and biodiversity that rely on them.

Beyond my professional duties, I enjoy exploring my artistic side through painting and poetry. In addition, I spend leisure time camping, relishing and capturing stunning sunsets and sunrises, and exploring breathtaking views of water bodies. My deep connection to the natural world fuels my passion for conservation.

I have an educational background in film and theatre arts, which has allowed me to further hone my visual storytelling skills. Through my work with Wetlands International, I hope to use my artistic abilities to make a real impact in our world, inspiring others to join me in the crucial mission of protecting our wetlands and the vital role they play in sustaining life on our planet.