Senegal / Management of Mangrove – Wetlands International and the County Council of Foundiougne set up a multi-stakeholders platform on Mangrove

Wetlands International and the County Council of Foundiougne have recently set up a Mangrove Platform to harmonize the actions of all partners involved in mangroves […]

Senegal / Climate Change Adaptation – With support from Wetlands International, journalists set up the “Friends of Mangrove Journalists Association” and a “Network on Climate Change”

Senegalese journalists of Fatick and Kaolack (center) together with their colleagues from St. Louis (North), have recently created the Friends of Mangrove Journalists Association (AAJAM) […]

Nigeria / Wetlands International conducts Niger Delta ecosystems study

A breakthrough study sponsored by Wetlands International in collaboration with the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) has successfully completed work on developing […]

Senegal / Wetlands International, PNLB and students celebrate the World Migratory Bird Day in Gandiole

“Energy – make it bird-friendly!” was the theme of the 09th and 10th May 2015 celebrated World Migratory Bird Day in Senegal. The event was […]

World Migratory Bird Day 2015 – Statement from Jane Madgwick Chief Executive Officer, Wetlands International

“World Migratory Bird Day is an annual celebration of the remarkable journeys that millions of migratory birds undertake annually from the Arctic to the Antarctic, […]

Mali / Reducing Disasters Risks, Climate Change Adaptation – PfR villages inspired by the experience of PADIN2 in Bambarawel

The ‘Reducing Disasters Risks, Climate Change Adaptation, Management and Restoration of Ecosystems’ Project (RRD / ACC / GRE) in the inner Niger Delta, which is […]

Senegal / World Wetlands Day – The National Wetlands Management Policy of Senegal technically endorsed on Wetlands International and DPN initiative

The National wetlands management policy (PNZH) entrusted to Wetalnds International by the Government of Senegal through the National Parks Directorate (DPN) in 2013 has been […]

Senegal / Annual Waterbird Count – Wetlands International and DPN in Bargny and Sendou

The annual January 15th water birds census is always a top activity in the agenda of Wetlands International Africa. As usual, the organization actively coordinated […]