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About Wetlands International

Wetlands International is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to sustaining and restoring wetlands, their resources and biodiversity for future generations. We work through 18 regional offices, supported by headquarters based in The Netherlands. Wetlands International Africa’s regional office is based in Dakar, Senegal and supports projects and office throughout the continent.

Wetlands International Africa

Globally, Wetlands International works in over 100 countries to tackle the most pressing problems affecting wetlands, providing tools and information to assist in their protection and restoration. We try to influence policies, conventions and treaties relevant to wetlands, such as the UNFCCC and Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, and stress o conservation and wise wetlands use, drawing on scientific analyses in global and national conservation programmes.

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Once upon a summer a little manatee met a little heron.

They got along instantly; they played, and frolicked in the water

and fell in love.

They spent every summer day and every summer night together

until one day the little birdie had to fly far, far away,

so they made a promise, to meet in the same magical mangrove

forest on the same day.

When that day came the little manatee went but couldn’t find any

mangrove trees, so she waited, and waited, and waited.

She swam helplessly around the place where the forest had been

for days, weeks, and months but the little heron could not return.

We would like to give this story a happy ending…

But we need your help.