Rivers and lakes

Wetlands in upland and mountainous areas have an important role in regulating river flows. Lakes in Africa support 16 -17% of inland fisheries, making Uganda […]

Water-Stores-From-Mountains Page

Water Stores from Mountains to Sea

Wetlands such as rivers, streams, swamps, lakes and estuaries play a critical role in supplying and regulating the quantity and quality of water. Water risks […]


Community resilience

Rivers and wetlands are critically important life-support systems running through the Sahelian drylands of Africa. They provide food, water and fertile soils for tens of […]


Climate and Disaster Risks

Arid wetlands are vital water stores in otherwise uninhabitable landscapes. They fortify the capacity of local people in surviving droughts and fighting desertification. A changing […]


Blue Lifelines in the Desert

For centuries, wetlands in the arid Sahel region of Africa have acted as lifelines for local communities and wildlife. Yet these wetlands are shrinking at […]


Integrated delta management

Deltas are complex environments that consist of a patchwork of different ecosystem types and land uses. Perspectives and interests of stakeholders are equally diverse. We […]


Coastal resilience

Hard structures like dams, sea walls, and canals have boosted coastal development but also led to the loss of valuable coastal wetlands and their services. […]


Aquaculture, fisheries and coastal agriculture

Wetlands serve the needs of many different stakeholder groups. They provide vital services to production systems including flood and drought regulation, water quality enhancement and […]


Coastal wetland conservation

Considering that 23% of the world’s population and 60% of all mega cities are located in lowland areas within 100 kilometres of the sea, coastal […]


Vibrant Coasts and Deltas

Mangroves, mudflats, saltmarshes and sea grasses in deltas and along the coast provide millions of people with a vital source of income and protect them […]