Restoring Lamu’s Mangroves

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Located along Kenya’s coast, Lamu hosts 60% of the country’s mangroves. These forests are biologically diverse, habouring intertidal flats and seagrass meadows that are rich in fisheries resources. The communities’ lives are closely intertwined with mangroves as they rely on them for food, poles for house construction, wood fuel, traditional medicine and therapy,  amongst other benefits. However, there is pressure on these forests and the need to conserve what remains and restore what has been lost cannot be overemphasised.

Wetlands International, together with Mangrove Action Project and Kenya Forest Service, is working with the local communities and other stakeholders in the restoration of mangroves in Lamu using the Community-Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration approach.

Watch more here and join us to conserve and restore mangroves ecosystems for people and nature.