Innovative governance structure for Mangrove Capital Africa

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Mangrove Capital Africa advisory board is part of the programme governance structure. It provides strategic advice and reflections on the approaches of the MCA formulation and implementation.
In September 2018, the advisory group was set up and brought together members with experience and expertise from different countries where MCA will intervene among others Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Guinee Bissau, Senegal as well as Congo Brazzaville. They meet twice a year to advice on mangroves related issues that can help to improve the approach and implementation of the Mangrove Capital Africa Programme.

Paul Siegel, the Vice Chairman of the advisory group gives us insights on the following questions:

  1. Who are the advisory members?
  2. Why Mangroves are important?
  3. Why an advisory group?

Mangrove Capital Africa, is a 10 years programme led by Wetlands International and funded by DoB Ecology.