Design with Nature Competition – World Wetlands Day 2023

Wetlands International and the National Environment Management Authority are launching the ‘Designing with Nature’ Competition. If you are interested in Nature-Based Solutions, this call is […]


Life in Lamu’s Mangroves

The lives of Lamu’s communities are closely intertwined with mangroves with about 60% of these magnificent and carbon rich ecosystems found in this historically and […]

Case study

Landscape level integrated watershed management improves ecosystem resilience: Wetlands International Ethiopia programs’ implementation review

‘‘What we are doing is a small beginning. We stretch to go forward to reach the whole Central Rift Valley ecosystem. The need is vast, […]


Bold Step to Harness Blue Carbon Ecosystems for Blue Economy in Tanzania

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS) and Wetlands International, in collaboration with other stakeholders, have convened a high-level conference […]


Improved Cook Stoves to Reduce Pressure on Mangroves in Lamu

Wetlands International, together with the Lamu Community Forest Association (CFA), has launched improved cook stoves (jikos) to reduce pressure on mangrove forests in Lamu County. […]


Wetlands International Sahel builds the capacity of decision-makers in Guinea and Mali on the decision support tools developed under the BAMGIRE program

Two information and awareness-raising sessions for high-level decision-makers on the challenges of the services provided by the ecosystems of the Upper Niger and the Inner […]


Drive to Restore Lamu’s Degraded Mangroves

Mangroves, with their distinct, entangled root systems, were largely overlooked and misunderstood in the past decades. According to Dan Friess, they were suspected to produce […]


Mangrove Restoration Handbook (Swahili)

Mangrove restoration is complex and is prone to failure when the necessary conditions are not met. This Practical Guide provides a clear, concise and proven […]


Technical Brief: Baseline Review on Sustainable Conservation and Management of the Rufiji Delta Landscape

Rufiji Delta in Tanzania hosts the largest single mangrove forest in Eastern Africa. Despite the critical ecosystem goods and services it provides to communities and […]


Restoring Lamu’s Mangroves

Located along Kenya’s coast, Lamu hosts 60% of the country’s mangroves. These forests are biologically diverse, habouring intertidal flats and seagrass meadows that are rich […]