A New Dawn: Quest to Restore Turkana’s Rangelands

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In the vast Kenya’s northern region of Turkana lies the Todonyang Rangelands, once a lush and thriving ecosystem that sustained the local pastoralist community. Unprecedented difficulties have, however, been brought about by the tides of change such as escalated security issues with their neighbours across the border over pasture and water. Further, climatic changes have added to their woes.

Wetlands International, with support from Sida, has joined forces with Tupado and Turkana County Government to reseed the Todonyang and Kapua Rangelands as part of rehabilitation efforts. This pilot intervention has brought a glimmer of hope and lay a foundation for sustainable rangeland management.

Beyond providing a lifeline for the livestock, the rehabilitation of the rangelands aims to foster peace and co-existence between the Turkana and the Dassenach communities.

“A New Dawn: Quest to Restore Turkana’s Rangelands” unveils a tale of unity, determination, resilience and the indomitable spirit of the Turkana people in their pursuit for peace and stability, and a brighter future.